Phoenix Suns Smack Chicago Bulls, End 12-Game Road Loss Streak

By Charisse Lambert
Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bulls sure know how to play with fans’ emotions. It was all good when the team rolled into Madison Square Garden on Friday night and bossed up on the New York Knicks. But the Phoenix Suns, of all teams, visits the United Center on Saturday night and the Bulls get punked? What part of the game is this? It almost looked as if the Bulls were bipolar in this 97-81 loss, ending a 12-game drought of road wins for Phoenix.

The most pertinent question is why are the Bulls playing so bad at home? I need answers. First the Charlotte Bobcats, now this? And how do you go from marvelous to mediocre in less than 24 hours? I have stated before that it seems like Chicago has a tendency to play to the level of their competition. Sure, it’s amazing to watch when rolling over a marquee team like the Knicks in MSG. But it’s downright horrid to witness when a struggling team like the Suns come into town and run the Bulls right out of their own building. Thankfully,the NFL playoffs were in primetime to serve as some real Saturday night entertainment because this game certainly wasn’t the move.

Chicago was simply awful shooting a mere 36 percent, going 32-of-88 from the field. The Bulls could have rebuilt Cabrini-Green with all the bricks they were putting up collectively. No one on the team other than Rip Hamilton and Jimmy Butler managed to shoot 50 percent from the field. Hamilton finished with 12 and Butler had 13. Marco Belinelli was an atrocious 3-12 from the field. I won’t even get started on Kirk Hinrich who had only one point and clearly hasn’t recovered from his elbow injury. And can we please find a way to give Luol Deng some rest before he just falls apart before the All-Star break? He leads the NBA in minutes played and clocked over 39 minutes again tonight. One can only take so much.

The Bulls next host the Atlanta Hawks on Monday. Fans can only pray that game is nothing like this one.

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