The Chicago Bulls Continue To Struggle At Home

By meganhuston
Dennis Wierzbicki-US Presswire

How is it possible to beat the Miami Heat in South Beach and the New York Knicks in Madison Square Garden, but get blown out at home by a team in the Phoenix Suns who has only one win in their last 12 games?

Just ask the Chicago Bulls who lost to those 1-11 Phoenix Suns Sunday night at the United Center. Chicago is currently 20-15 with ten of those fifteen losses coming at home. It’s this inconsistency that continues to make fans wonder if the Bulls can realistically compete in the postseason.

You have to be able to protect your home court and with a record of 10-10 at home, Chicago is failing to do that. The Bulls spend more time complaining about lack of calls and pointing fingers when they’re playing at home than capturing that energy and spark that’s made it difficult in past seasons for teams to beat them in the United Center.

Yes, road victories against Miami and New York are nice, but what’s the point if you can’t duplicate those performances at home? Chicago might be sixth in the East but losses at home to teams like the Charlotte Bobcats and now to the struggling Phoenix Suns raise questions:

How can you beat the elite teams, but struggle against the bad ones? Are these wins against the top teams just fool’s gold?

If the Bulls keep losing at home these questions will continue to lurk in the minds of fans. Home is where teams feed off the crowd, play with high energy, and make shots, but that’s not the case in Chicago. It’s time for the Bulls to wake up! The time for consistency is now, because losing at home to bad teams isn’t doing anything but making everyone question if you can stay afloat without Derrick Rose.

Quality wins against top teams will stop the questions momentarily, but losses like this one against the Suns bring them right back up.

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