New York Knicks Wisely Record Carmelo Anthony's On-Court Audio

By Thomas Duffy
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

James Dolan made a good basketball decision this weekend.

The CEO of the New York Knicks had MSG Network employees record every word said by, and to, his superstar Carmelo Anthony as New York took on the Chicago Bulls. Last week, Anthony was suspended for waiting for Kevin Garnett at the Boston Celtics team bus, after he and KG exchanged heated words on the court a few hours earlier.

Reportedly, Garnett made inappropriate comments about Anthony’s wife, LaLa Vazquez, and, understandably, Anthony took exception to that. Both he and Garnett received technical fouls and even that didn’t stop the two of them from whacking each other on both ends of the court towards the end of the fourth quarter.

Anthony was suspended a game for his actions and Garnett walked away unscathed (although that wouldn’t have been the case if Anthony had been able to get to him at the bus!). This is where Dolan’s recording is a great move.

Basketball players talk trash. Go to any park, community/recreation center, high school, college, or professional basketball game and you will see and/or hear players barking talking trash. It’s a part of the game. However, there are certain lines that should never be crossed and in talking about Anthony’s family, especially his wife, Garnett crossed that line.

Anthony is having an MVP caliber season,and when other teams see how angrily he reacted to Garnett, what would stop them from trying the same approach? If opponents know that they can’t stop him one-on-one, maybe they will try and get under his skin the same way that Garnett did when he forced Anthony into a 6-26 night for 20 points in a losing effort.

Dolan’s recording the audio of the Knicks/Bulls game is in the best interest of his team. If another player or team takes the talking too far, or even tries to, all Dolan has to do is simply hand over the tape to David Stern.

Knicks fans may have been a little alarmed when first hearing that their favorite team’s CEO recorded his best player during a game. Believe me, New York, it is a good move and is in the best interest of the team.

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