NBA Rumors: Washington Wizards Make Play For Rudy Gay

By Thomas Jones
Brett Davis – US PRESSWIRE

Rumor has it that the Washington Wizards are making a strong push for Rudy Gay of the Memphis Grizzlies. At first thought, it seems like a no brainer for the Wizards. They have no true “star” with the exception of John Wall who most believe needs more seasoning before giving him that title.

Should the Wizards trade for Gay?

Trading for Gay would be a mistake by the Wizards for a few reasons. First, in order to make the trade work the Wizards would have to give up one of their most expensive players, Emeka Okafor or Nene Hilario would have to be included in any deal involving Gay.

Trading one of their starting big men would defeat the purpose of having two veteran big men that understand their roles on the team. Okafor has also picked up his play the last few weeks. He has been averaging a double double since Nene was inserted into the starting lineup. Overall team defense has improved as well.

Another reason the Wizards should avoid trading for Gay, his contract. Gay received the max deal and definitely hasn’t lived up to it thus far. He wasn’t worth max money when they signed him to deal in the first place, reason why the Grizzlies are attempting to rid themselves of his salary.

Gay has never made an All-Star team and is considered an one dimensional player by most. He has only averaged 17 points so far this season as well as for the year. For a player that will be making 20 million in the final year of his deal, 17 points a game will not get it done. The Wizards are better off with the combination of Martell Webster and Trevor Ariza at the small forward spot.

The Wizards do need to make a few adjustments to the current roster but trading for an overpaid one dimensional player is not the answer. They have had their fair share of overpaid players, adding one more with multiple years on his contract would set the team back. The Wizards would be wise to pass on the services of Gay and instead concentrate on cheaper players that can provide the same numbers like,  Tyreke Evans.

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