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Dallas Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban Claims ‘Bank of Cuban’ Open For Business

(Jerome Miron/USA Today Sports)

Let’s be honest–Mark Cuban of the Dallas Mavericks seems like one of those owners any player would love to play for considering he’s one of the most competitive individuals on the face of this earth and isn’t afraid to open his wallet when necessary. In fact, the Mavericks owner is making one thing clear with the trade deadline about one month away–the “Bank of Cuban” is open for business.

With the way things have gone this season as Dallas is off to a disappointing 16-23 start, it seems like the team’s best chance of making the playoffs is if they pull off a trade for another big-name player. When healthy Dirk Nowitzki is considered one of the top players in the NBA, but he’s only appeared in 12 games this year as he missed the beginning of the season while recovering from a knee injury.

The main question now–what players would Cuban and the Mavericks be willing to acquire to help turn things around?

Now that Cuban has made it clear there’s no limit has to what type of money he’s willing to spend, it could open the market for teams looking to dump players with hefty salaries. Dallas has plenty of salary cap room to bring players on board that he believes could help turn this team around in time before it’s too late.

Of course, the one player the Mavericks need to avoid at all costs–Dwight Howard of the Los Angeles Lakers.

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