Roy Hibbert Makes Fun Bet With Indiana Pacers Backups and Loses $500

(Mike DiNovo/USA Today Sports)

The Indiana Pacers had no trouble against the Charlotte Bobcats on Tuesday as they improved their record to 24-15 following a 103-76 win. While the game in general shouldn’t have even been much of a contest to begin with, Pacers center Roy Hibbert decided to have some fun with the backups by making a friendly bet–ended up costing him $500.

Hibbert told the backups he would pay them each $100 if they managed to hold the Bobcats to under 80 points and since the final score ended up being 103-76–he was forced to chalk up the money for losing the bet. It’s one thing to make an easy bet like this against a team like the Bobcats, but this just shows how poor of a team Charlotte is in general if they failed to break the 80-point mark against the Indiana backups.

Luckily, $500 isn’t much for Hibbert considering he’s under a $58 million deal. If anything, this should be a positive sign from the Pacers’ perspective knowing they can rely on their backups when needed, but it may have also simply been a case of them receiving extra motivation since money was involved.

As for Indiana in general, they have to be pleased with the way this season has gone so far as they have the third-best record in the Eastern Conference. Of course, the main factor with all this will be whether or not Hibbert can return to his dominant level from last season–which would make this season even better for the Pacers.

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