Why Can't the Charlotte Bobcats Win at Home?

By Dan Parzych
(Jeremy Brevard/USA Today Sports)

When it comes to sports, most teams find it to be an advantage when it comes to playing their opponents at home–that is if unless you happen to be the Charlotte Bobcats.

With Tuesday’s loss to the Indiana Pacers, the Bobcats have now lost 13-straight games–which is absolutely pathetic for just about any professional sports team. What’s even more disappointing for Charlotte is Tuesday marked the 24th time in 26 games they came up on the losing end.

Charlotte was the laughing stock of the NBA last season after finishing with just seven wins (.106 winning percentage) and nothing has changed this year as well considering they only have nine wins through their first 48 games. This is a team that is still years away from being contenders and if they can’t even win on their own home court–how can we expect them to win many more games over the rest of the season?

It’s getting to the point where it’s difficult not to feel bad for Bobcats fans considering how poor their team has looked over the last couple of seasons. How are basketball fans in Charlotte supposed to enjoy watching their beloved Bobcats if they can’t even manage ways to take advantage of playing at home and winning on their own court?

Too bad Michael Jordan isn’t as great of an owner as he was a player because otherwise–the Bobcats may have been living up to their potential from earlier in the season when they started off with a 7-5 record.

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