David Stern Crazy Having Two NBA Teams In London During January

By Andy Schmidt
Paul Cunningham-USA TODAY Sports

There have been some odd things going on in the world of sports in recent days, but this one crept up to me. I turn on my television today to find out the New York Knicks and Detroit Pistons are playing in London. What? Are you kidding me? There are just some things that have no explanation, and this is one of them. David Stern apparently thought it would be a good idea to just have two teams go overseas in the middle of the season for one game.

I get that the National Basketball Association wants to expand their game overseas, but just having two teams randomly going to London in the middle of January is a joke. If the NBA wants games in London, play them at the beginning of the season and allow the teams to have plenty of time to rest when they returned. How many fans are you going to get to watch a game like this at 3 p.m. Eastern Time on a Thursday? I would assume that not many fans will be paying attention to this one.

Stern has truly lost his mind this time around, and maybe his retirement should be moved up a year because the way things are going, you are going to see two teams playing a game in Australia in the middle of the season. There is nothing wrong with growing the game, but there is just too much for the risk of an overseas trip in the middle of the season to the players. There is no reason for this unless the league plan to give both teams five days off before and after the game.

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