Earl Clark needs to Provide Missing Spark for Los Angeles Lakers

By David Charnley
Troy Taormina-US Presswire

With Jordan Hill out for what looks like the entirety of the season, Earl Clark needs to step up and replace him.

Clark has come into the side, and in his first few games the fourth-year player has impressed with his performance. However, he knows that there are still many games that he’ll need to show the same desire and ability if he is to make losing Hill seem minor.

With a storm hovering over the Los Ageles Lakers season, a bright spark is needed, and that could be the finding of their new gem in Clark. Something is needed if the Lakers are to have any chance of securing a playoff spot.

Clark had his opportunity last Tuesday against Houston Rockets and despite not having a great night shooting, he showed   effort, energy and hustle which fans love to see from their players, and something that has been invisible from the Lakers roster this season.

It was the next night that fans were able to sit up and ask who this Clark was after scoring 22 points and grabbing 13 rebounds against San Antonio Spurs. He showed Mike D’Antoni that he is versatile and can be a threat both ends of the floor.

While not being the most refined basketball player,  it seems that Clark’s spark has rubbed off on his teammates. Despite Pau Gasol being out with a concussion, which has subsequently kept Clark in the starting five, he is showing signs that he should be considered a starter for the remainder of the season.

Enough has been made of the impact (or lack of) that Gasol has had on the Lakes this season, and one thought is that he may well be more effective coming back to the team off the bench with Clark starting.

Over the past few games Clark is averaging an impressive 12.5 points 10.2 rebounds and 3.3 assists in 30.5 minutes per game. Clark ‘s athleticism, speed and length have not only covered a lot of space on the floor, but his activeness off the ball has provided needed second chance opportunities that sparks the energy of his teammates.

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