NBA Rumors: Greg Oden Looking To Return To NBA

By Thomas Jones
David Richard – US Presswire

The Cleveland Cavaliers would have nothing to lose by signing Greg Oden to a deal knowing he won’t be able to contribute until possibly next season. Taking a flyer on a player like Oden comes with low risk. At the most, the Cavs are investing time – Oden hasn’t played in the NBA in a couple of seasons, so he will definitely need some time to get back into shape and know for sure if he is healthy enough to resume basketball activities.

To date, Oden has been a bust. He hasn’t been able to stay healthy enough to figure out what kind of player he truly is. His knees have doomed him. Oden is now attempting to return to basketball, and a couple of teams are interested in his potential services. Nothing is to say that Oden will ever spend significant time on the court, and history says that he never will. That said, the Cavs are in a position to risk spending a little money and time to figure out if Oden still has anything to give.

Anderson Varejao has been stellar this season when able to get on the court, but he should be gone the trade deadline if the Cavs are smart. Varejao is in his 30’s, and has had injury problems of his own the last few years. If Oden can return to the court and give the Cavs a solid defensive presence in the middle for 20-25 minutes a game, the time spent would be all worth it. They have what they feel is their back court of the future already in Kyrie Irving and Dion Waiters. They have an up-and-coming power forward in Tristan Thompson. A healthy enough Oden might be enough to put the Cavs back into the playoffs in the weak Eastern Conference.

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