The Los Angeles Lakers Must Make Changes Or Else

By Jamieson Welsh
Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Lakers must make a trade or else they will not make the playoffs as currently constructed. There are too many holes on this roster and not enough solutions for this Lakers team to make it to the playoffs without making some sort of move.

As many big name players as the Lakers employ the results have been far and few between. Entering this season the Lakers were one of the few favorites to capture the NBA championship and at the moment they aren’t on pace to make the playoffs unless something changes.

Right now the Lakers are an older team that has several flaws and is unathletic in an athletic game. The simplest solution is to trade Pau Gasol for younger pieces in order to right the ship. As great as Gasol has been for the franchise he must go in order for the Lakers to get better as a team. I am unsure if it was the long Olympic run or just normal wear and tear but he isn’t the same player as he has been in recent years and time has definitely run its course with this team. One day Gasol will have his number hanging from the rafters in Staples Center like the other greats but in this present time it is time to move him if possible.

At this very moment the Lakers have two seven footers that don’t intimidate anyone and no one is afraid to go into Staples Center and play the Lakers. Changes must be made in order for this Lakers team to make it to the playoffs. The simplest way to do that is trade Gasol and some of the other bench pieces and get younger and more athletic to matchup with the rest of the league.

The Lakers have had a lot of luck in this department because of Mitch Kupchak who is the general manager of the team. He will take the best deal available and act accordingly. This team is in a win now mode but in a conservative situation towards the summer of 2014. I have learned time in and time out don’t count out Mr. Kupchak but this will be his toughest task yet and well see if he can work his magic one more time.

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