Los Angeles Lakers Should Start Rebuilding Sooner Rather Than Later

By Jeric Griffin
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Lakers are washed up.

That’s been evident for quite some time now, even though the overly-proud franchise refuses to admit it. For years now, the Lakers have continued to milk older stars for all they’re worth until they literally can’t play anymore, and then replacing them with another older star who still has half a gallon of gas left in the tank. That process is soon going to end because the centerpiece of all this will be the one who’s given the boot.

No, the Lakers are not going to send Kobe Bryant packing, but the time of his retirement is drawing near. He’s said several times this year that he and his teammates are “old as [expletive]”, and that’s why they aren’t winning.

Well, to say the Lakers aren’t winning by their standards is one thing, but to say they simply aren’t winning is another. Los Angeles is currently 17-22–five games under .500–and 13 and a half games behind the Pacific Division-leading Los Angeles Clippers, the Lakers’ crosstown rivals.

In between the two LA teams is the Golden State Warriors, who are seven games ahead of the Lakers. If the playoffs started today, the Lake Show wouldn’t be in and when they actually start, the Lakers won’t be in then, either.

All Lakers fans thought their problems would be solved when the team acquired both Dwight Howard and Steve Nash this past off-season, but that’s proved to be more of a problem than any sort of solution. Bryant, Howard, Nash, Metta World Peace (Ron Artest) and Pau Gasol are arguably the best starting lineup in the NBA on paper, but the reason the games are actually played is becoming more and more evident, as the Yankees of basketball are following right in their baseball counterparts’ footsteps.

If Los Angeles wants to get back to its winning ways, it absolutely has to get rid of all these old stars and start working with the next generation, which could start with Antawn Jamison, who is getting abused right now with his lack of playing time. Will the Lakers wise up? Don’t count on it, but that’s what they should do.

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