Someone Must Make Dallas Mavericks' Personnel Decisions Besides Mark Cuban

By Jeric Griffin
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Mavericks have made one good personnel decision in the last two years to go along with about a dozen awful ones. Mavericks owner Mark Cuban was once considered a genius both in the tech world and NBA, but now he’s just another moronic Dallas sports owner who’s ruining a franchise.

Cuban helped to turn around an organization that was the laughing stock of the league for a long time, but now he’s literally tearing it down and he’s got to bring in someone else to make these decisions. Following his club’s first world title two seasons ago, Cuban allowed 80 percent of his team’s core to leave without so much as a “thanks, man.” Now Dallas is back to where it was in the pre-Cuban days, and it’s all because of the head honcho.

Contrary to popular belief, Tyson Chandler was the primary reason why Dallas won its first title at the end of the 2010 NBA season. Yes, Dirk Nowitzki played better than he ever had before or since then, but it was Chandler’s rebounding and defensive presence that pushed the Mavs over the hump. Despite the title and finally having found a home, Chandler wanted the bright lights of the big city, so he bolted for that and cash in New York. Everyone knew that was coming and even if Cuban had tried to stop him, he couldn’t have.

However, Cuban is the main reason why JJ Barea is now playing in Minnesota, Jason Terry is now with Boston, and why Jason Kidd is with Chandler in the Big Apple. Who did he think was going to carry the team? The whole point of the 2010 season was that the team didn’t rely so heavily on Nowitzki, which was why he played so well during those playoffs.

Now, Nowitzki is hurt, OJ Mayo‘s magic has run out, and Dallas is full of washed-up, old stars who will all be free agents at the end of the regular season because Lord knows the Mavs won’t make the playoffs. Fire yourself, Mark; it’s the right thing to do. And get Jerry Jones to do the same while you’re at it.

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