Top 10 Candidates for 2013 NBA All-Star 3-Point Shooting Contest

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2013 NBA All-Star 3-Point Shooting Contest

3-Point Shooting Contest

Last Year at NBA All-Star weekend in Orlando, power forward Kevin Love showed off how beautiful and accurate his shot is when he doesn’t have a defender on him.

Love fired them off in the three-point shootout contest and took home the win. Beating players like Kevin Durant and Ryan Anderson to show that he’s the most complete power forward in the league.

Since Love is out nursing a broken hand, chances are pretty slim that the defending champion will win the contest again.

The competition requires six participates to complete in a two-round competition with the top three finishers from the first round advancing to the finals. There are five shooting stations set up around the three-point line. Each player has one minute to shoot as many balls as he can. There are four Official Spalding NBA game balls, which are worth one point each, as well as one Spalding NBA All-Star 2012 “money ball” worth two points at each site.

In the final round, players will shoot in ascending order of first-round scores.

The 3-Point Shooting Contest allows players to show off what they can do at the arc uncontested. It always gives lesser-known players an opportunity to shine at All-Star weekend. In addition, a big man is thrown into the mix to debunk the myth that big men can’t make 3s.

A hometown representative is almost always included in the shooting contest lineup. The Houston Rockets Jeremy Lin and James Harden will both be top candidates for consideration.

Past winners include Larry Bird, Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, and Dirk Nowitzki. Although, lesser name players often win the contest because winning is dependent upon skills practiced shooting in the gym. Being a top scorer doesn’t ensure success, as Durant demonstrated last year.

Who are the top ten candidates to snag one of the six 3-point shootout contest spots?

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Chauncey Billups


Chauncey Billups made his first appearance in the 3-point contest in 2003-2004. Nine years later, he can still put up with the best of them.

If Billups participates this year, he will join Larry Bird and Craig Hodges as the only players to compete three times.

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David Lee


It’s crazy that David Lee wasn’t selected to the All-Star team.

Lee definitely should have an opportunity to participate in the shooting contest, not only to fill the big man quota but to show that he’s the most underrated power forward in the league.

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Caron Butler


When Caron Butler is on, he’s hitting 3s. And he doesn't miss.

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Vanessa Bryant

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

This is Vanessa Bryant’s opportunity to show Drake that she indeed has been practicing shooting in the gym.

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Nick Young


In the NBA finals, Nick Young made three three-pointers in under a minute to help the Los Angeles Clippers beat the Memphis Grizzlies in one of the greatest comebacks in NBA history.

If Young is that clutch, imagine what he could do uncontested?

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James Harden


James Harden wasn’t selected for All-Star first team because of the steep competition for guard spots.

However, the All-Star weekend is in Houston so Harden would be able to represent the host city in the contest.

Harden also averages 26.3 points per game. He ranks #8 in the NBA in three-point field goal attempts

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LaMarcus Aldridge


LaMarcus Aldridge is one of the few big men who can shoot. He's a great choice for the token big man spot.

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Randy Foye


Randy Foye is one of the top 3-point guys in the league. It would be very interesting to watch him without a defender.

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Stephen Curry


Stephen Curry can shot 3s in the most beautiful ways. It’s hard to imagine he won’t be selected for this contest.

A 3-Point Shooting Contest without Curry would be like a dunk contest without Blake Griffin.

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Steve Novak


Steve Novak lives at the arc. He’s probably never even been inside the paint.

He’s probably top candidate in the league for the 3s contest.