Eric Gordon for Danny Granger Trade would benefit both teams

By Jamieson Welsh
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

While observing the Indiana Pacers this season there are a lot of things to be impressed with. They have a lot of talented young players and play hard for their coach. For this team to make it to the next level they must make a deal that ships Danny Granger out of town.

At this moment Paul George is the best player on the team and his future is bright. Granger coming back to this team stunts the growth of George and that can’t happen. As good of a player as  Granger has been I think it’s time to move him for someone that can help this team get over the top in the eastern conference.

The Pacers should pursue a trade with the New Orleans Hornets and trade Granger for Eric Gordon straight up. This trade would help both teams out and bring some clarity to each of these players.

Gordon doesn’t want to be in New Orleans. He didn’t want to be traded there, he didn’t want the team to match his offer sheet from the Phoenix Suns this past summer and he has been slow to come back from his knee injury. Gordon is from Indiana and has long been rumored to want to come back and play for the Pacers.

Granger on the other hand is from New Orleans and would be a good veteran presence in that locker room full of young guys. He would also get a fresh start on a different team with different expectations.

All in all this is a good trade for both teams. A healthy Gordon could get the Pacers to the finals and Granger could help out a young team find its identity while returning home.

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