Dwight Howard's Completely Unwarranted Ejection (Video)

By Thomas Duffy
Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Dwight Howard was ejected in the second quarter of a game where his Los Angeles Lakers fell short to a team that they should’ve beaten by 30 points.

Critics of L.A. will point to Howard’s ejection as the reason that the Lakers lost 108-103 to the Toronto Raptors (which is most likely true), and blame the big man for hurting his team. The only problem is, Howard did absolutely nothing to warrant the technical foul, which was his second of the game.

The NBA needs more consistency in its officiating.

Watching games on ESPN or TNT, I have heard players on the court curse at referees and opponents, and I have seen players physically engage with members of the other team and receive no consequences.

I have also seen players do absolutely nothing and receive a technical foul, as was the case with Howard. Coaches and veteran players are smart, and they will do anything to win. Kevin Garnett got tangled up with Carmelo Anthony a few weeks ago, and Anthony went 6-26 in a losing effort.

In Toronto, Howard was being pulled during a free throw by Metta World Peace and simply ripped his arm away from the defender. Both Howard and Alan Anderson of the Raptors were hit with the double technical.

It is time for the NBA to wake up and address this issue. I am not one who thinks star players can do whatever they want; I believe if a technical is warranted it should be given regardless of the offender. However, Howard did absolutely nothing wrong

There is a big problem here.


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