Jose Calderon A Top Notch Free Agent In 2013-14

By Devin O'Barr


Jerome Miron – USA TODAY SPORT

Jose Calderon is one of the NBA’s most underrated players as he has remained under the radar in eight seasons with the Toronto Raptors. He is in the last year of a five year $45M contract he signed prior to the 2008 season and will hit the free agent market in a few months. If I’m an NBA team in search of a new point guard I would try my best to lure the 31-year-old into my town.

As evident in his performance versus the Los Angeles Lakers Calderon is still an elite point guard in this league. Now, with the emergence of point guards like Russell Westbrook and Derrick Rose pass-first guards like Calderon are being throw to the wayside. In my mind, any great NBA team needs a player that can make the extra pass.

Since entering the league in 2005 has averaged 9.9 points per game and 7.2 assists per game which is a model of consistency and versatility which are both essential from the point guard position. Playing with the Raptors Calderon has never had a stellar supporting cast however, it is plain to see that he did in fact get the best out of Chris Bosh who has not been the same player with the since leaving the club in 2010.

While some may overlook Calderon because of his age and inability to score in bunches I believe he would be a great asset and leader to any team looking for a point guard. If Calderon continues to put up 22 points and 9 assists a night like he did versus the Lakers teams will be beating his door down come summer time.

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