NBA Rumors: Will New Deal Move Sacramento Kings to Seattle?

By Dan Parzych
(Jeremy Brevard/USA Today Sports)

After weeks of NBA rumors swirling back and fourth, it appears the Sacramento Kings may finally be on the move to Seattle now that the Maloofs have finally struck a deal to sell the team.

The big news this week indicates the Maloofs will sell 65 percent of the team that’s worth $525 million to the Chris Hansen group–which is based out of Seattle. The city of Sacramento still has some time to put together a plan to try and keep the team in the city, but all signs at this point seem to be the Kings heading on their way to the city of Seattle.

Every since the SuperSonics became the Oklahoma City Thunder, it seems like Seattle has been desperate for another chance at landing a professional basketball team and with the new owners being from the Seattle area–all signs point to the move finally happening. As bad as it sounds, it’s been years since the Kings were even close to being contenders and while the city of Seattle will be thrilled to have a new basketball team again if everything goes according to plan–it has to be frustrating what type of team they could have now.

Afte reaching the NBA Finals last year, it’s safe to say the Thunder have the potential to be a dynasty over the next couple of years as they arguably have one of the league’s top duos in Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant. It has to be somewhat frustrating from a Seattle fan base, but getting a new team would still be better than nothing.

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