Chicago Bulls Should Consider Signing Marco Belinelli Long-Term

By Brendon Fitzsimons
Rob Grabowski- USA TODAY Sports

Marco Belinelli is slowly becoming my favorite player for the Chicago Bulls. During the off-season I thought that choosing him over Kyle Korver was a mistake but almost halfway through the season I can strongly say that it wasn’t.

Belinelli sports something that Korver may have but certainly never exhibited in his time with Chicago, which was a create-your-own-offense style of play. I’m not saying that Belinelli gets the ball and plays an every man for himself game on the court but when he has the ball it’s not specifically to shoot the three ball. When he catches the ball he has the experience of a full-time starter and scorer to threaten opponents with several ways of attacking.

So far in January, Belinelli has averaged about 25 minutes per game and has given Chicago some offensive leverage in late game situations including games against the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles LakersHis average of nine points a game isn’t great at face value but when looking through box scores you can see that he can usually be counted on to hit double digits when he plays. His style of offense makes the new bench mob more lethal and his past experience as the go-to scorer only helps him on the court today.

Through this season Belinelli has proven himself a worthy back up for starter Richard Hamilton and that’s what Chicago needed in the wake of breaking up the bench mob. However, Belinelli is only signed through this season. He is set to make just under two million dollars and after this season is no longer under contract. Chicago would be wise to sign Belinelli to a longer contract based on his production so far, Hamilton’s age (34) and lack of rotation in the rest of the line-up in its current form.


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