J.R. Smith, Kris Humphries Start Twitter Feud

By Thomas Duffy
Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Following the 88-85 victory that his Brooklyn Nets pulled out over the New York Knicks yesterday, Kris Humphries took to Twitter to share his excitement over the game:

Humphries probably should not have said that last part. What ground does he have to say that Madison Square Garden got quiet? In four games against the Knicks this season, in which each team is 2-2, Humphries has averaged a meager 4.25 PPG, being held scoreless in the meeting prior to yesterday’s 3:30 game.

New York’s J.R. Smith apparently took offense to that tweet from Brooklyn’s virtually invisible big man. This is where it gets interesting.

If you didn’t know, Humphries was married to Kim Kardashian last year following a public romance, but the marriage lasted less than a year before they went their separate ways. Legally, they are still married and are in the process of divorcing, but in the meantime Kardashian has since moved on to hip-hop superstar, Kanye West.

Here is what Smith said to Humphries:

Smith’s tweet has been shared over 50K times, yet Humphries offered no response. I guess victory is enough for Humphries and the Nets, who moved just one game behind the Knicks for the lead in the Atlantic Division.

Maybe the Knicks need to worry less about twitter feuds, though, and put more focus on getting back in left side of the win/loss column.

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