Kobe Bryant Live-Tweets Watching 81-Point Game For the First Time

By Jared Mintz
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Even if you’re vaguely familiar with the NBA, you know that Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant loves to shoot the basketball.

I mean, for goodness sakes, there’s a picture floating around the internet of Kobe still taking shootaround during the “Star, Spangled, Banner!”

With that said, wouldn’t you find it incredible that Bryant had never watched the film of his 81-point performance? The second-highest scoring output in NBA history had never been revisited by one of the games most notorious – and at times self-absorbed – scorers ever. Until Tuesday afternoon.

Bryant vowed to not only rewatch the game – which mind you, took place in January of 2006 – but he live-tweeted (when you comment on twitter about something you’re watching, listening to, etc.) the game, in-sighting a damn near riot on Twitter.

As #CountOnKobe took over the Social Medium the way the Black Mamba took over against the Toronto Raptors seven years ago, Bryant provided Twitter with some real gems and pretty hilarious insight. Dodging trolling tweets as if they were Jalen Rose (who had the task of “guarding” Bryant during the game), Bryant informed us that this was the first and only professional game that his grandmother ever saw him play in, and that he was full of grape soda and pepperoni pizza on that momentous evening.

Bryant also showered us with some of these gems:

“Down 14, I’m heating up…at this point I wouldn’t pass a kidney stone”

“After the 3rd quarter, (Lamar Odom) tells me “you can’t get 60″, then half way through he said ‘you can’t get 70′”

And of course…

Luke (Walton), the only white boy with a jerry curl

Despite only joining Twitter less than three weeks ago, Bryant is just a couple of thousand followers shy of the one million mark, and tweeted like a champion on Tuesday. Sure, with the Lakers struggling as badly as they are, there could’ve been a better day for Bryant to sit on Twitter watching film from a game seven years ago.

But that’s what makes old Kobe great.

Bryant has has gone on profanity laced tirades, spoken about beating up teammates, and even gave his last coach the death stare which may or may not have led to him losing his job. And now he live-tweeted a game from seven years ago.


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