Boston Celtics' Coach Doc Rivers Admits Team 'Playing Awful'

By John Raffel
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

One would think Doc Rivers would be hard up to explain his topsy-turvy Boston Celtics.

They sustained a 95-90 NBA loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers  Tuesday night and have now lost four in a row. They had also lost previously to the Chicago Bulls, New Orleans Hornets and Detroit Pistons.

This losing streak came out of the blue. The Celtics had won six straight and seemed ready to end January on a high note.

So much for that strategy.

Rivers was furious Sunday when the Celtics were ripped apart by the Detroit Pistons 103-88. It was an embarrassing loss that had Rivers seething, especially a lousy performance with a 27-18 deficit in the first quarter.

“It was awful,” Rivers lamented. “We are playing awful and I am clearly not doing my job for this team and I am serious. I am not trying to take a bullet for the team and I told them that. I said we have to find something where all 12 guys play the same way.”

Even when his team had a winning streak going, Rivers wasn’t exactly in an upbeat mood about it. He sensed that despite the win.

“We did it for three games in a stretch. I told them that Game 4 and Game 5 in that winning streak were garbage,” Rivers said. “We just won the game so I have to figure that out because I do not think the guys are honest with each other. I just do not think we are committed to being a good basketball team.”

The six-game winning streak is a distant memory.

“I do not know if we need changes,” Rivers said. “I am saying if we do not get it right then we may. The six-game winning streak was great. Three of those six we played tremendous basketball and the other three we won the game.”

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