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NBA Detroit Pistons

Detroit Pistons Should Not Trade For Dwight Howard

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Don’t expect the Detroit Pistons  to be involved in the Dwight Howard sweepstakes, if there becomes one.

To begin with, Howard would only want to go to a contending team. The Pistons aren’t even a guarantee to make the playoffs.

If the Pistons were a contending team, general manager Joe Dumars might be bold to make such a move as he did in 2004, when he traded for Rasheed Wallace. That move is widely recognized as having sparked the Pistons to the NBA title. Wallace was the last link of the missing puzzle.

There might be some fascination with a Greg Monroe for Dwight Howard trade in that Monroe is still maturing as a player and could fit in with his Los Angeles Lakers teammates more so than Howard.

But the Pistons have invested in Monroe for their future and he fits more squarely into the type of foundation Dumars has built. Howard also wouldn’t mesh in with a key part of Detroit’s post play with Jason Maxiell.

The Pistons are also set with Andre Drummond planning on providing plenty of inside scoring and rebounding power in the future.

But Howard, if the Pistons could somehow find a spot for him, would be an immediate fan draw and could help put more fans in the empty seats at The Palace of Auburn Hills. With the proper roster adjustments, he could make the Pistons more of an immediate threat this season.

But for the long-term future, it wouldn’t make any sense for the Pistons to try getting Howard.