Jon Leuer Becomes Greatest Traded Player In NBA History

By Andy Schmidt
Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

We have all seen trades go on in professional sports, but Tuesday’s trade between the Memphis Grizzlies and the Cleveland Cavaliers goes down as the oddest trade of all time to me. The Grizzlies traded three players and a first-round draft pick to Cleveland for Jon Leuer. When I think of a 4-for-1 trade, the name Jon Leuer doesn’t come to mind. Leuer now becomes the most valuable player than almost any player in National Basketball Association history with the haul that Cleveland got for him.

Let’s discuss Leuer for a moment. He was drafted by the Milwaukee Bucks out of the University of Wisconsin before landing in Cleveland. Leuer is averaging just over two points a game while playing in just nine games all year. If you need to, read that last sentence again. It is true that he got traded for four players while averaging two points a game. Is Leuer Michael Jordan or something? I don’t know how many people Jordan would have traded for, but it may have been four.

This is the moment in the sun for Leuer and hopefully someone lets him know how big a deal he is for this week. He is the greatest player in the NBA now for all time, just being a two-point a game player being traded for four players just so Memphis could get under the luxury tax. Cleveland should throw a parade for Leuer on his way out just for the amount of players and the draft pick they got for him. Jon Leuer is now my hero.

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