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NBA Cleveland Cavaliers

Anderson Varejao Shows Why Going To Doctor Is Smart Move

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

There are just some things that professional players shouldn’t play through, and one of those is a blood clot. That is exactly what has ended the season for the Cleveland Cavaliers Anderson Varejao just as he was having a great beginning to his season. I’m sure there are a ton of professional athletes that are suffering from things we never hear about, but this is a scary situation.

Varejao has proved that he is one of the best centers in the National Basketball Association and it is a shame that his season had to be cut short because of this, but this is the best course of action because of what could happen. A blood clot is a very serious thing and especially in a professional athlete where at any minute, it could break loose and cause even worse problems. That is true with anyone who is doing a lot of exercise though so hopefully there is something to be learned from this situation.

I would suggest now that going to the doctor was a smart thing, and thankfully the medical staff with the Cavaliers caught this before it got any worse. Varejao will be back next season better than ever and being an even better player than he is now. Cleveland is a team on the rise again with Kyrie Irving and with Varejao back for the 2013-14 season, the Cavaliers may become one of those surprise teams in the NBA. Right now though, it is best for Varejao to just sit out and get this treated.

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