Atlanta Hawks Rank Near Bottom of Forbes List of Most Valuable Teams

By Dan Parzych
(Sam Sharpe/USA Today Sports)

For a team that has seen some playoff success over the last couple of seasons, one would think the Atlanta Hawks would have a stronger fan base when it comes to selling out games. Unfortunately, that’s far from the case and the numbers have been released to prove it.

The Hawks recently ranked 28th on Forbes list of most valuable teams in the NBA–which is sad considering there’s 30 of them total. At the moment, Atlanta holds the No. 6 spot in the Eastern Conference when it comes to playoff standings–so it’s disappointing to see they rank so low on the list of most valuable teams.

Unfortunately, the NBA is one of those leagues that isn’t as popular and a city like Atlanta would most likely prefer saving their money for the Atlanta Falcons or Atalanta Braves. It would be one thing if the Hawks were putting up disappointing numbers on a consistent basis, but these numbers are surprising since they’ve been contenders in the Eastern Conference for a couple of years now and could even make a surprise run in the playoffs this season.

Then again, the economy may also play a factor in this–so it’s difficult to tell exactly what the reason is behind all of this. Still, the fans couldn’t be asking for anything better than an actual championship considering how well the Hawks have played over the years–so hopefully things will turn around for the organization sooner rather than later.

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