Its Time For The Los Angeles Lakers To Start Thinking About Rebuilding

By Jamieson Welsh
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Over the summer, the Los Angeles Lakers made two huge moves that put them in win-now mode. At the moment those moves aren’t paying off, and it is time to think about the future because the present isn’t looking so nice.

This Lakers squad is old, slow, un-athletic and in need of some change. Every team has to go through some sort of rebuilding phase, and now is the time for the Lakers. Looking at the roster, I would start shopping Steve Nash, Pau Gasol and Metta World Peace for younger players with promise and also draft picks.

Also, it is time to have serious discussions about Dwight Howard. It is hard to believe anything he says and his first season here in Los Angeles has been a debacle. There are a lot of factors in play in this situation but whatever the team decides to do, they can’t afford to mess up here.

With the new Collective Bargaining Agreement in place it is going to be difficult for the Lakers to just obtain the best free agents like the old days. When rebuilding, teams are going to have to do it with smart trades and good draft picks and right now, the Lakers don’t have any draft picks of any significance.

The way the league is right now you have to be able to put athletes on the court because most of the elite teams are able to run at any moment’s notice. Getting younger would also help the Lakers contend with some of the rivals in their own conference who have young superstars, like the Oklahoma City Thunder.

The Lakers are at a crossroads because they are in a situation where the next couple of decisions can make or break their future. Hopefully, they can adapt to what the rest of the league is doing, or they risk becoming mediocre in the process.

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