NBA Rumors: Los Angeles Clippers Interested In a Trade With Their Arena-Mates

By Kaylyn Neely
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Exactly why the Los Angeles Clippers are trying to trade DeAndre Jordan and Eric Bledsoe is a mystery.

Regardless of the reasoning behind it, Chris Broussard reports the Clippers are interested in trading Jordan and Bledsoe to the Los Angeles Lakers for Dwight Howard.

Earlier this month, reported that the Clippers were considering an outrageous offer which would send Jordan and Bledsoe to the Cleveland Cavaliers for Anderson Varejao.

Broussard warns that the Lakers might be hesitate to accept the offer because pairing Howard with Chris Paul will give the Clippers an upper hand.

However, the chances of the Lakers finishing with a better record than the Clippers or even being competitive with them, isn’t really a real concern at this point.

The Lakers would benefit from this trade much more than the Clippers would. Especially if Paul and Howard both become free agents at the end of the season.

Jordan and Bledsoe are both young, fast, and athletic. This year, they’ve demonstrated that they can sacrifice for the team.

They offer the energy, speed and athleticism that the Lakers desperately need.

Steve Nash can’t keep up his energy up for the entire game anymore. Acquiring Bledsoe would allow Nash to rest without the Lakers suffering because Bledsoe should be a starter himself.

Bledsoe offers elements Nash lacks. Having both of them would be a phenomenal situation.

Pau Gasol and Jordan are kind of opposites of each other. Playing them together would solve some of the problems that the Lakers have been unable to correct with Howard.

Jordan lets the Clippers give Lamar Odom half his minutes without so much as a reported complaint. Imagine Howard allowing another player to take half of his minutes? You don’t have to because it wouldn’t happen.

Jordan provides rebounds, blocks and all-over great defence which is exactly the kind of center Kobe Bryant needs.

Jordan would be able to play with Gasol because he’s used to sharing with Blake Griffin. The Clippers power forward is highly offensive, especially close to the net. He demands the ball a lot.

Paul might face the struggles with Howard and Griffin that Nash faces with Howard and Gasol.

Howard needs to be traded to a team where he can be the center of offence. The Clippers aren’t that team.

The Lakers need to move fast before they realize that.



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