Charlotte Bobcats Might be Setting Up to Tank Rest of Season

By Cody Williams
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist Goran Dragic
Jeremy Brevard – USA Today Sports Images

For the Charlotte Bobcats to win 40 games, a low but plausible mark for the eighth seed in the Eastern Conference, they would have to go 30-10 in their remaining 40 games. Judging by how badly they’ve performed this season, that’s a highly doubtful outcome.

So as the trading block begins to fill up with names and moves start to be made, Charlotte might be expected to be making some noise at this point to help them finish strong this year. But they haven’t.

Other than DeMarcus Cousins, whom the Sacramento Kings have said they aren’t really looking to deal, the Bobcats haven’t been seriously linked to any of the players being trotted out as someone open to be traded for.

Sure, the Bobcats front office has come out and said that they’re willing to make moves. But if that’s the case, why isn’t Charlotte being discussed as at least a team interested in any trade rumors? If a team is willing and looking to make roster moves, doesn’t it make sense that they would be in the press regarding those types of rumors?

But given their virtually nonexistent shot at making the playoffs this season and their worsening 10-32 record, it seems like the Bobcats might be at the start of tanking the rest of this season away to have a chance at a high pick in the 2013 NBA Draft.

If that’s the case, it’s a bad move by Charlotte. The draft is a great place to build a nucleus for a young team. However, the incoming draft class is shallow and the projected top picks in the draft are all big men with a great deal of potential, but that need some work and polishing.

Don’t the Bobcats already have enough of those guys? After all, this is a roster that features guys like Bismack Biyombo, Byron Mullens and Jeff Adrien. Why would the franchise want to add more frontcourt players who need work when they already have a plethora of incomplete post-players on their roster?

Though making a trade probably won’t land Charlotte in the playoffs this year, if they are able to acquire a player whose deal isn’t expiring or that they will be able to re-sign, that feels like the best move for them.

There is already a ton of youth and potential on the Bobcats, so adding more isn’t going to help anything. It’s going to keep them on this very low plateau that they’ve been on for the past two seasons. They need veteran players who can help create a professional chemistry on the team and help to mold the younger unrefined players to the NBA game.

That’s not what seems to be going on. This seems to be another team tanking to better their draft position–and that’s the absolute wrong move.

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