Charlotte Needs To Get Their Hornets Name Back

By Andy Schmidt
Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

A team name is always going to be attached to the city where it was first started. The Dodgers will always be in Brooklyn and the Colts will always be in Baltimore for a lot of people. There is one of these instances that can be fixed right now as the Charlotte Bobcats need to go back to their original team name of the Hornets, now that New Orleans has changed from the Hornets to the Pelicans.

When the Charlotte franchise started with that Hornets name, everyone then associated Charlotte with the Hornets. When the team moved to New Orleans a few years ago and took the name with them, it just didn’t seem right. It reminded me of the New Orleans Jazz moving to Utah and becoming the Utah Jazz. It doesn’t fit for me. I think of Charlotte basketball with the Hornets name and Larry Johnson going up and down the court. The chance is out there for Charlotte to now change their name back to the Hornets from the Bobcats.

Hopefully Michael Jordan gets the memo on this, and while I have heard that talks have been happening at least inside the organization about it, this has to happen. Charlotte is not the Bobcats; they are the Hornets and always will be. Nothing will ever change that, and while the other teams I mentioned won’t be moving back to their original hometowns, at least this injustice can be fixed. If Charlotte can go back to the Hornets by next season, all will be right again in the National Basketball Association.

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