NBA Rumors: Is Kobe Bryant A Good Trade Fit With the Chicago Bulls?

David Richard-US Presswire

The Los Angeles Lakers are a train wreck this season. Despite adding Dwight Howard and Steven Nash, the Lakers are a bad basketball team that will not even qualify for the playoffs. We’ve heard all the names being made available for trade.

But perhaps, it is time for Kobe Bryant to move on. So why not the Chicago Bulls? He would be the final piece to a a championship run in Chicago.

Without superstar Derrick Rose, the Bulls are currently only three games behind the Miami Heat for the best record in the Eastern Conference. It shows how close this team really is to being elite. Meanwhile, Bryant’s Lakers are four games out of the final playoff spot in the Western Conference. Considering Bryant’s age (34) and years in the league (16), there’s not much more for Bryant to prove. With the Lakers in a tailspin, Bryant may not want to be a part of the problem anymore. He will have a chance to shine with the Bulls, and will get that much better when Rose returns (which could be as early as February).

I’m not even sure what the Bulls would need to do to get Bryant, but there has to be a way. With all of these other teams finding ways to add superstars, it is the Bulls time to do the same thing. Can you imagine if Bryant becomes the final piece to another Bulls’ championship run? The struggles of this year’s Lakers will be an afterthought. And Bryant will have a chance to go out on top.

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