Orlando Magic Fans Should Be Glad Dwight Howard Is Gone

By Dave Daniels
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

When the Orlando Magic traded Dwight Howard to the Los Angeles Lakers last summer, many (myself included) said that it was one of the most lopsided trades in NBA history.

Well, it doesn’t look quite so bad anymore. Howard left the Magic in absolute shambles last year after demanding a trade, re-signing for one more year (inexplicably), bad mouthing Stan Van Gundy to management, and then finally being traded after the season. For the Magic though, they were in the headlines last year for all the wrong reasons. They aren’t really in the headlines at all this year due to their record (14-28), but they should be in the lottery the next couple years and will likely be able to draft some quality players.

I feel for Magic fans who had to watch two franchise centers leave town for LA, but those fans should be happy! You no longer have to watch the Dwight-mare happen night after night and if your management makes good decisions (good luck with that by the way), then the Magic may only be one or two years away from being competitive again.

Who would of thought at the beginning of the year that the Lakers and the Magic would both be out of the playoffs this year. This time around though, Dwight Howard trade talk is heating up for the Lakers instead of the Magic. That must be just a little bit of hopefully lasting relief for Magic fans everywhere.

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