Paul George to Make First of Many All-Star Appearances

By J.M. Nicholas
Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

On Thursday night, the 2013 NBA All-Star rosters were filled out, as the coaches around the league cast their votes for the All-Star reserves. Paul George, the third-year starting shooting guard for the Indiana Pacers, has been making a case for his first All-Star entry all season. George was named to the team, and will be making his NBA All-Star debut, along with four other first time All-Stars from the Eastern Conference.

George made a splash in the two other major contests during All-Star weekend last year. The young Pacer lit up the BBVA Rising Stars Challenge on Friday night, and also took part in Saturday night’s slam dunk contest. This year, George will get to display his evolving talents in Sunday’s big game, to conclude the All-Star weekend.

This may be the first NBA All-Star bid for Paul George, but it will almost assuredly not be his last. George, at only 22-years-old has a bright career ahead of him. His defense, scoring average, and confidence have all risen noticeably during his three years in the NBA. George not only has the talent to be a multi-time All-Star and the face of his franchise, but he could truly become one of the most well-rounded and dynamic players in pro basketball. George’s talent has no ceiling, and its well-deserved and about time that he will get the chance to display his skills for the entire world, at his first NBA All-Star game.

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