Dwight Howard: Have We Seen the Best of the Los Angeles Lakers' Big Man?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Los Angeles Lakers‘ center Dwight Howard is one of the league’s most fascinating and to those that are Lakers’ fans, frustrating stories of the 2012-13 season. When the Lakers added Howard to the squad, the Lakers moved onto everyone’s top-team list. However, it has been a total train-wreck in Tinseltown. And Howard is leading the charge.

While Howard has been fighting injuries, fans just aren’t seeing the Howard we all expected in 2013. Using the ol’ eye test, there’s something missing in his game. Maybe it’s the bright lights of LA or having Kobe Bryant around, Howard isn’t the same player that was dominant with the Orlando Magic.

Looking at the numbers, his scoring average is down almost two points per game (16.7 ppg as compared to his career average of 18.3). His rebounds are also down (12.1 this season as compared to 12.9 for his career). Obviously, being a teammate of Bryant may limit the number of shots one sees. To put this in perspective, Carlos Boozer of the Chicago Bulls is averaging 16.1 ppg and 10 rebounds per contest. When Boozer has comparable statistics to Howard, you know there’s some major issues.

Rumors suggest that Howard will be on the Brooklyn Nets next season, and based on the LA experience, this could potentially happen sooner rather than later. If the Lakers continue this free-fall this season, the team could explore a trade. Without a doubt, the Lakers’ struggles this season are one of the biggest sports stories of the year and Howard is a huge part of it.

With Howard’s age and talent, there’s no doubt teams will be lined up for his services if he decided to leave LA. However, the dominant Howard may be gone. And he’s fooled us all.

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