Miami Heat Coach Says Dwayne Wade 'recapturing his youth'

By John Raffel
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Dwayne Wade would prefer that a big deal not be made of his age.

But, sorry Dwayne, for your age, 31, you’re playing very well.

In Friday’s 110-88 NBA victory for the Miami Heat over the Detroit Pistons, Wade had 29 points, seven assists and five rebounds.

“He had a very productive week as well, said Heat coach Erik Spoelstra. “He’s really been working behind the scenes. He really has been.”

For the season, Wade is averaging 21 points and five assists this season.

“He knows as you become more of a veteran and older in this league, the harder you have to work to maintain your youth, and he’s recapturing his youth right now,” Spoelstra said. “ It’s great to see him get younger, fresher and livelier as the season goes on.”

Wade doesn’t mind the compliments, but he would prefer that a major issue not be made about his age.

“I am not that old. I am getting healthier,” he said. “Yeah, I have been more active and I feel in a lot better shape than I was in earlier on in the year. I am just trying to stay with it as I have been all year. I have been through surgery before so I know it takes time and when I start feeling better you can’t stop doing what you’re doing and it feels great, I don’t want to stop what I am doing.”

Neither do the Heat. A healthy Dwayne Wade will mean a healthier Heat team and a better chance at another NBA title.

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