Chicago Bulls Play Tired Basketball In Loss To Washington Wizards

By Brendon Fitzsimons
Geoff Burke- USA TODAY Sports

Just two days after the Chicago Bulls handled the Golden State Warriors at home they flew out to the nation’s capital where things got ugly fir the visitors.

Besides missing Luol Deng for the fifth game in a row, the Bulls were out-hustled and out played by the lowly Washington Wizards who have seemed to find their groove as of late. The Wizards jumped to 11-31 with the win while Chicago dropped to 26-17 on the season.

So what exactly went wrong for the Bulls? Inconsistency only says so much; mainly that the Bulls are inconsistent as to which team will turn up on game day. Much like the comparison to Nate Robinson’s “good Nate, bad Nate,” gimmick the Bulls seem to be in the same boat. When the game matters and the opponent is distinguished like the New York Knicks, Boston Celtics and the Warriors then Chicago seems to play with something not only on display…fire, the desire to win at any cost. But when the opponent is lowly and sitting in the lower echelon of the standings like the Wizards, Charlotte Bobcats and Phoenix Suns are then it seems that Chicago opts to play without any intensity.

After each humiliating loss the same type of things are said; coaches say that the team had no energy, the players say that they play tired or played low IQ basketball. They’re all the same thing! No team is without flaws but games like the one last night should be a cake walk for the Bulls in a league where cakewalks don’t often turn up. And when speaking about cake walks, one has to note that Chicago is playing its next two games against opponents that they have struggled against all year- the Bobcats and the Milwaukee BucksFor Chicago’s sake I hope they show up as a team and take what is theirs. If they don’t and can’t then the second half of the season is going to spell doom for the Bulls.

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