Could Nate Robinson Be Joining Teammates In Houston For All-Star Weekend?

By Brendon Fitzsimons
Rob Grabowski- USA TODAY Sports

In case you can’t tell what the picture above is, it’s the Chicago Bulls 5’9 swingman Nate Robinson blocking 6’11 Dwight Howard. You can see in the picture that Robinson can get up and given his past we should remember how high that exactly is. So with that in mind is it unrealistic to think that Robinson may get an invitation to the NBA All-Star Weekend to participate in the Dunk Contest? I think not.

Let’s think back to when Robinson jumped over the former shortest dunk contest champion Spud Webb in 2006 to win the crown and how about when he jumped over Howard in 2009 to win? Robinson also repeated in 2010 when he beat out competitor DeMar DeRozan. So with all this in front of us, it’s not hard to see why Robinson isn’t a long shot to enter into the contest.

Robinson is only 29 and with the Dunk Contest usually thin on superstar names (cough cough LeBron James) it wouldn’t be a shock if they brought back a three-time champion. While James may never appear in the contest, the fans can and most likely will enjoy watching Blake Griffin, JaVale McGee and maybe even Gerald Green fly through the air.

Griffin and McGee may be locks to participate as they rank number one and two in the league in number of dunks (with 109 and 104 respectively). But as for the other two spots, it would be silly for the NBA not to consider Robinson. People love an underdog and “little Nate,” will always be the player who is able to provide that.

If he is selected, he will be joining teammates Luol Deng and Joakim Noah on the trip to Houston for the weekend.

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