Orlando Magic Brass Should Take Pleasure in Dwight Howard Misery

By Sean Rollins
Dwight Howard Los Angeles Lakers
Richard Mackson-US Presswire


Orlando Magic general manager Rob Hennigan insists that he’s not gloating about the struggles of the Los Angeles Lakers since they acquired Dwight Howard.  While the Lakers as a team mean little to Hennigan, he should take pleasure in the fact the Howard is seemingly miserable right now.  Howard made the Magic franchise miserable for nearly two years seemingly without any concern and now it’s time for the Magic brass to have their turn.


In Howard’s eight years in Orlando, the Magic did just about everything that a small market team can do.  They built a brand new area with his face on the front.  In one of the NBA’s smaller markets the Magic gave Howard one of the top 10 contracts in the league.  The Magic, despite denying it, even let Howard have a say in how the franchise was run.  In return he made the organization beg for him to stay for nearly two years and then walked out the door.


In perfect world players like Howard and LeBron James would stay miserable for the rest of their careers but that rarely happens.   Usually these players leave their original franchise in shambles as they move on the greener pastures and end up with multiple championships.  When Shaquille O’Neal left Orlando, he won four championships while the Magic just made four playoff appearances.  So when the situation does occur when one of those players is miserable, his former team should enjoy it.


The mature thing for Hennigan and others in the Magic front office to do would be to wish Howard good luck and happiness from now on.  But with the way the Magic were treated by their former star, nobody would blame him for laughing at the misery of the star.  Despite some of the good things seen this season, like the play of Nikola Vucevic, the Magic likely have some long years ahead of them.  So it’s okay for Mr. Hennigan to take solace in Howard’s misery.  He deserves it.


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