Trading Season Has Begun for Boston Celtics

Boston Celtics

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

The Boston Celtics received awful news on Sunday when they learned of Rajon Rondo’s season ending injury due to a torn ACL.  They were struggling mightily with him all year and there never seemed to be a strong chance that they could contend for a championship.  Any dreams the Celtics might have had to win a title have completely gone out the window.  It is no longer even a lock that they will make the playoffs as the Philadelphia 76ers are currently right on their tails for the 8th seed in the conference.

This news more than likely officially means that the Celtics roster is officially open for business.  They should trade as much of the current roster as possible in order to acquire as many young assets and draft picks as possible.  They could also be staring at a lottery pick real soon, so they need to obtain as much young talent as possible.  Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce are the team’s two biggest trading chips and they would warrant the best possible package(s) in return.  The problem with trading Garnett is that he has a full no trade clause, meaning that he has to sign off on any trade that he is involved in.  This means obviously only accepting a trade to a contender, and even then, it really depends on the team and the location.  It is hard seeing Garnett giving the go ahead on a deal to the Utah Jazz or Denver Nuggets for instance.

The Celtics should have a complete fire sale following the Rondo injury this afternoon.


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