"Linsanity" Documentary on Houston Rockets' Jeremy Lin is a Joke

By Jeric Griffin
jeremy lin linsanity
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Apparently Houston Rockets point guard Jeremy Lin had a plan all along to record his career in the NBA. He hasn’t even played half a full season yet, but Lin already has a documentary about his NBA “career” titled Linsanity. That was the phrase that melted the internet after Lin’s NBA debut with the New York Knicks in 2012 and earned him a hefty new contract with the Rockets this past offseason. However, to say Lin’s career is worthy of a documentary at this point is insane (no punt intended).

How can one of the NBA’s most overrated players already have a film about his career when he has yet to complete a full 82-game season? It’s absolutely ridiculous and it speaks volumes to the basketball X’s and O’s ignorance of the general fan.

Lin may have put up a truckload of points in his debut with the Knicks, but he’s also recorded a ton of turnovers since then as well. He’s averaging six assists per game this year as a starter in Houston, but he’s also averaging over three turnovers per game, which, worth-wise, is half the amount of points he’s putting up per contest (12).

He has no court vision whatsoever and although he’s a decent finisher at the rim, he’s not a good point guard. Period. If you believe that, you have the basketball IQ of a third-grader. Sure, Lin has a lot of potential, but nothing is being done about it by him or the Rockets’ organization and unless that drastically changes very soon, he and Linsanity will soon be forgotten.

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