Mike Conley Injures Ankle Against the "Pelicans"

By Trisity Miller
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Add injury to the insult the Memphis Grizzlies suffered as they lost to the New Orleans Hornets, or Pelicans, last night.

During the first quarter, Mike Conley went down with a knee injury on a non-physical play and never returned to the game. Now there is word that he may not be available as the Grizzlies take on the Jrue Holiday and the Philadelphia 76ers.

For a team that struggles on offensive, as displayed during last night’s game in Memphis, if Conley is out for an extended period of time, then Memphis may suffer a small free-fall. People will throw out the notion that Tony Wroten Jr., rookie out of the University of Washington, will be able to pick up the slack, but he hasn’t shown enough to be able to run the offense properly. And as far as Jerryd Bayless‘ case goes, he’s proven that he’s a far better shooting guard than combo guard.

Conley’s effect on this offense is huge. When he’s on the floor, the Grizzlies average 108.1 points per-100 possessions. Off the court? Just a mere 98.3. Monty Williams spoke on how teams will change their game plan with Conley out.

“With Conley out, we were able to pack the paint more because we knew they we would quit the pick-and-roll,” Williams. “We don’t have enough firepower to go out and try to outscore teams. We have to play a game that is relatively ugly at times.”

via New Orleans Hornets end Memphis Grizzlies’ two-game winning streak, 91-83

In the next weeks the Grizzlies face the 76ers, Oklahoma City Thunder, Washington Wizards, Phoenix Suns, Atlanta Hawks and the Golden State Warriors, teams that all have above average point guards, and if Conley isn’t along for the ride, there is a chance the Grizz may struggle in each of those games.

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