NBA Champions Miami Heat Honored at White House by President Barack Obama

By David LaRose

Before I lay down the details of the Miami Heat’s visit to the White House on Monday afternoon just take a second to look at the picture above. It looks like a normal picture with smiling faces standing next to the President, but coach Eric Spoelstra and Juwan Howard make this picture. The camera caught Howard with his eyes closed while Spoelstra must just be smiling at the First Lady.

Sorry I had to put them on blast, but it had to be pointed out. At least the President is shown in a good light.

Anyways back to the point of the article. As is customary for the reigning NBA championship teams, the Miami Heat made their celebratory visit to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. to receive a pat on the back from President Barack Obama. In a press conference, Obama congratulated the team for their season and their ability to come together to achieve their goal.

“Everybody doing their part, is what finally put the Heat over the top,” Obama said to the media in attendance. Spoelstra echoed the President’s statement by saying that he hopes the Heat’s performance can serve a bigger role to the rest of the nation by showing what can be done “when you come together and sacrifice your egos for a greater goal.” Obama also thanked the team for all of their work off the court and for being quality fathers that kids can look up to as role models.

Lebron James presented Obama with an autographed ball from the team while Dwayne Wade gifted a No. 44 Obama jersey to the President. James got a chance to speak at the POTUS podium and he was a little taken back by the opportunity as evidence in this video clip.

Say what you want about James and his decision to join the Heat, but he did it for exactly this reason, to win an NBA Championship. He realized the magnitude of the situation that the team was in today and had the chance to address that in his statement.

President Obama to James: “It’s your world man.” That’s correct Mr. President, right now the NBA is LeBron’s world and we are just living in it.

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