NBA Rumors: Could Allen Iverson End Up With Dallas Mavericks Development Team?

By Dan Parzych
(Mike DiNovo/USA Today Sports)

Remember back in the day when former NBA star Allen Iverson was one of the most exciting players to watch in the league considering he was an unbelievable scoring machine (especially for a player his height)? Well, it appears Iverson still hasn’t given up completely on the idea of a basketball career as he could be attempting yet another comeback.

One of the top NBA rumors this week surrounding Iverson involves the former star possibly joining the Texas Legends–a Development League affiliate of the Dallas Mavericks. While nothing is set in stone this week, it appears the Legends interest has increased this week–which means it could be an interesting next couple of days.

Of course, whether or not this move would be beneficial is a different story. For a player like Iverson, it’s difficult not to imagine a player like Iverson at least trying to return to the NBA at some point. With all of the debt he’s accumulated over the years, Iverson would clearly prefer that type of pay than the money he would be making with a team like the Legends.

The only problem with that–it’s safe to say Iverson is nowhere close to being as effective as he used to be when it comes to basketball. There’s no way a team like the Mavericks would consider bringing Iverson on board this season, so if he’s considering that his long-term goal if he does end up joining the Legends–he better have a solid backup plan.

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