Wesley Matthews Needs to Pick Up His Game For the Portland Trail Blazers

By gilgerard
Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Nicolas Batum needs more help from the Portland Trail Blazers if they want to make a push to the playoffs. Batum has recently racked up a triple double and he’s had one heck of a year. Unfortunately though, he needs more help from the rest of the roster because he can’t carry this team to the playoffs on his own. The Western Conference is going to pick up steam as the Los Angeles Lakers are starting to look like some sort of basketball team, so it’s incredibly important for someone else to emerge as Batum’s running mate.

The guy I’m going to look to helping this team out the most? Wesley Matthews. Look, the young shooting guard has shown to be a nice young piece, but if he wants to play playoff basketball, he needs to improve and play better. To play with more urgency. Look, the Trail Blazers have Batum and LaMarcus Aldridge but again- they can’t do it alone. If Matthews emerges as that third go to guy- or heck…THE go to guy, how good can this team be?

I expect the Blazers to continue getting better. We all have to remember that they’re incredibly young and have a lot of work to do. The good news is Matthews has the talent. I believe in the coaching staff, and I believe in the leadership of this team. If he continues to grow the way I think he will- look out western conference. It could be one heck of a finish for the young Blazers and hopefully they can hop a team or two in the tough western conference.

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