Allen Iverson Passes On Dallas Mavericks Development League Affiliate

(Eric Hartline/USA Today Sports)

The Texas Legends–a Development League affiliate of the Dallas Mavericks–expressed some interest in bringing former NBA star Allen Iverson on board, but nothing was set in stone. Apparently, the Legends aren’t even good enough for Iverson to play for.

While he’s doing everything he can to revive his basketball career, Iverson made it clear on Tuesday that he would rather wait it out a little bit longer until an NBA team to express interest instead of settling for a Development League team like the Legends. It’s understandable why Iverson would prefer the big leagues, but for a player with the type of career he’s displayed over the last couple of years–he should be taking advantage of any opportunity thrown his way at this point.

Take a look at Iverson’s career and not only is his basketball career on the decline, but he’s racked up quite the amount of debt over the years as well. For a player with this much baggage, why on earth would any team even consider bringing Iverson on board at this point in his career?

If he wanted another shot at the NBA this badly, Iverson should have worked harder a few years ago when he was younger and in better shape. At this point in his career, it’s highly unlikely Iverson would be able to make any sort of impact for any team–no matter how many stars they may have.

In other words, don’t expect Iverson to return to the NBA anytime soon–no matter how hard he may try.

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