Brooklyn Nets Can Make Huge Statement With Win Over Miami Heat

By Dan Parzych
(Anthony Gruppuso/USA Today Sports)

At this point in the season, the Brooklyn Nets certainly look like one of the top teams to beat in the Eastern Conference, but there’s one thing they’ve yet to accomplish this season–which would be defeating the defending NBA Champions Miami Heat.

In two previous meetings this season, the Heat have made the Nets look like pretenders when it comes to the top teams in the conference and if Brooklyn wants to be taken serious come playoff time, they’ll need to figure out a way to contain LeBron James and company. The Nets have pulled of some impressive wins this season, but those wins won’t mean anything if they can’t compete with the Heat in the playoffs.

With the way things are looking so far, there’s a good chance these two teams could easily meet up in the playoffs and the argument can be made that Brooklyn is talented enough to take on the defending champions. Of course, experience always becomes a factor in the playoffs and there’s no question Miami would have the edge in this one.

If the Nets really want to make a statement about being strong contenders, a win over the Heat on Wednesday would be the perfect way to do so considering they’re one of the top teams in the league once again. By defeating Miami, Brooklyn would only prove they in fact have what it takes to be considered for the category of being the best and it would provide them with an extra boost of confidence as they continue playing in the second half of the season.

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