Brooklyn Nets Finally Enjoy the Comforts of Home

By Sean Rollins
Brooklyn Nets
Joe Camporeale-US Presswire


This year there’s been two different Brooklyn Nets teams, one at home and one on the road.  When playing at their new arena the Nets have been fantastic.  But when the Nets hit the road they struggle.  That’s the difference between them and the neighboring New York Knicks.


While the Nets are 17-7 at home, they are 10-11 on the road.  Recently the Nets have had little trouble with opponents while playing in their own building.  In January the Nets have won four of their six home games by double digits which includes Monday’s twenty points win over the struggling Orlando Magic.  They came into that game having lost their last two one the road by double digits to the Memphis Grizzlies and Houston Rockets.


It would seem as though the run of wins at the Barclays Center would bode well for the Nets in their new home.  Brooklyn has long been a Knicks town with them being the only team representing New York since the Nets left for New Jersey in 1977.  Even today, with the Nets based on their back doorstep, many Brooklynites have kept their loyalty to the team from Manhattan.  A winning team, especially at home, might be able to change that.


During last year’s shortened season, and their last year on the west side of the Hudson River, the Nets were actually worse at the Prudential Center than they were on the road.  They finished the season 9-24 at home and were 13-20 on the road.  In the two brief years that they played in Newark, the Nets were an abysmal 33-82.  They seem much more comfortable now that they are in their own house.


For a team to be successful, they must play well at home.  It’s been a few years since the Nets were a team that played well at home but now, in their new arena, it seems that they finally are.  Their 17-7 home record ranks them fourth in the Eastern Conference and ninth in the NBA among all teams at home.  That’s a trend that the Nets hope to continue for the success of the team in the future.

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