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Can the Boston Celtics Still Make the Playoffs Without Rajon Rondo?

(Daniel Shirey/USA Today Sports)

As if this season hasn’t already been disappointing enough for the Boston Celtics, losing Rajon Rondo for the remainder of the year doesn’t make things any easier as the point guard suffered a torn ACL this past weekend. For a team that has been one of the best in the Eastern Conference over the last couple of years, everybody knew the Celtics wouldn’t be the same dominant team heading into the 2012-13 season, but can this team even make the playoffs without Rondo at point guard?

Not only does Boston have a record below .500 (21-23) at the moment, but they would barely be in the playoffs if the season were to end today as they currently hold the No. 8 seed in the Eastern Conference. Rondo has always been the type of player that seems to get better and better each game he plays and when looking at the type of impact he makes for Boston each night, it’s safe to say the guard makes passes no other player in the league can make–which is why the Celtics are certainly going to miss him.

The team was already on the decline this year from their veterans after Ray Allen left the team to join the Miami Heat and losing Rondo doesn’t make things any easier. It’s been a hot topic about whether or not the Celtics should begin their rebuilding process this season and now that Rondo is out for the year–it should be interesting to see what type of moves they make over the rest of the regular season.

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