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Cleveland Wouldn’t Take Long to Welcome LeBron James Back

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The city of Cleveland would take about half a second to welcome LeBron James back to the Cleveland Cavaliers organization.

Scott Raab, author of the “The Whore of Akron” joined the FAN 590’s Tim and Sid Show Tuesday afternoon to discuss the possibility of James returning to the Cavaliers. Rumors have circulated recently there’s a possibility the best player in the NBA could return to the city who’s heart he ripped out after his contract expires with the Miami Heat in 2014.

As crazy as the idea might sound, it is LeBron which means nothing is out of the realm of possibility.

Raab said during his interview he believed the possibility of fans welcoming James back would be at 50%, with some excited at the possibility of a championship and others still heartbroken. No doubt the reaction would be mixed, as few teams have endured a home town superstar leaving a franchise built around the player only for the player to leave and bring a championship to another city. However, the fact of the matter remains, Cleveland is championship starved.

For all the haters and for all those who refuse the idea of James returning home, the hatred would quickly fade after the first Kyrie Irving alley-oop pass to the former MVP. With Irving quickly becoming not only one of the league’s best point guards but also one its best players, the duo would be more explosive than the Chris Paul-Blake Griffin combination in Los Angeles. Not to mention by the time James’ contract expires there’s a strong likelihood Tristan Thompson will be better player than Chris Bosh at that point in time.

James could easily replace his big three of Bosh and Dwayne Wade with a younger and, more importantly, hungrier Irving and Thompson.

The major question will always be, would LeBron return to Cleveland? Why wouldn’t he? The Cavaliers will be competitive with Irving and the addition of James would instantly make them a title contender. Given the weaker Eastern conference, the road to the Finals would be much easier than a potential move to the Western Conference.

The second question would be if owner Dan Gilbert would want James back in the organization after everything that happened. Considering the businessman wants to win and more importantly would understand the profit and attention James would provide the Cavaliers franchise, he’d have his arms wide open for the King’s return. Jersey sales would go through the roof and a championship would send the franchise value through the clouds.

And the fans? Like previously mentioned, the first Irving to James alley-oop sends every hater into a giddy fit of excitement. They’ll cry and deny they have any desire for his talents to return and once he signs it’d turn into a glorious honeymoon.

It also can’t be overlooked James wishes he handled his departure better and what better way to make up for it than to bring a championship to the championship starved city of Cleveland?

As outrageous as the idea originally sounds, the more thought put into it the less and less crazy it sounds.

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