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Houston Rockets Need More Consistency

Jeremy Lin Houston Rockets

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This season’s been an inconsistent one for the Houston Rockets.  So far it’s been a season of winning streaks and losing streaks.  The Rockets have shown the ability to be a very good team but in order to compete in the West this season, they must eliminate the losing streaks.  That will be the test for this team during the second half of the season.


The inconsistent streaks started early for the Rockets when they won five straight and then responded losing three straight.  That trend has continued as they recently responded to a seven game losing streak by winning three of their last four and three straight.


The Rockets this season have had three or more streaks on wins or loses eight times this season.  While streaks are commonplace in sports, a team wants more winning streaks than losing streaks.  The problem for the Rockets is that half of those three game streaks are winning streaks and half of those three game streaks are losing streaks.


The Rockets have shown the ability to be a very good team.  Saturday night they beat a tough Nets team by 13 before heading to Utah Monday night where they gave the Utah Jazz their worst home loss in team history defeating them by 45 points, 125-80.


Being about halfway through the season now is the time to start making a push for the postseason.  In order to do that the Rockets must start playing more consistent basketball now.  The upcoming stretch of games will be crucial as the Rockets must not fall back into their old habit of following a strong winning streak with a disappointing losing streak.


The Rockets right now are two games above .500 which is good enough for eight in the Western Conference or the final playoff spot.  If the Rockets can manage to cut down on losing streaks, they’ve played well enough to climb up the standings.  But they must be much more consistent in their winning ways down the stretch.